Save 2%
$449.00 $438.90 (Including GST)
Save 5%
$629.00 $597.55 (Including GST)
Icom IC-410PRO Mobile Two Way Radio Save 7%
$482.66 $449.00 (Including GST)
$59.00 (Including GST)
Delta AS-300 UHF Analogue Waterproof Two-Way Radio
$325.00 (Including GST)
Kenwood PKT-23 Two-Way Radio Save 23%
$325.00 $249.00 (Including GST)
$395.00 (Including GST)
Motorola DP4400e/4401e Digital Radio
Kenwood FreeTalk TK-3310X - Two Way Radio Save 4%
$469.00 $449.00 (Including GST)
Icom IC-M25 EURO Marine Radio
$336.00 (Including GST)
Save 10%
$4,488.00 $4,040.00 (Including GST)
Save 15%
$2,100.00 $1,794.00 (Including GST)
Save 13%
$575.50 $499.00 (Including GST)
Save 7%
$415.14 $385.00 (Including GST)
Hytera PD462a Digital capable Two Way Radio UHF CB
Icom IC-A25NE
$940.00 (Including GST)
$350.00 (Including GST)
Save 20%
$495.00 $395.00 (Including GST)
$149.00 (Including GST)
Save 5%
$579.95 $549.95 (Including GST)
$759.00 (Including GST)
Save 25%
$65.00 $49.00 (Including GST)

Radio Industries - Australian Two Way Radio Specialists


Radio Industries Australia - Professional, Commercial, CB UHF Walkie Talkies & Marine Two Way Radios and Accessories

Radio Industries is one of Australia's longest running Two Way Radio Communications Companies since 1986. We are a Dealer and Distributor of Quality Digital & Analogue 2 Way Radios plus Two-Way Radio and Walkie Talkie Accessories including Secuity Earpieces, Noise Cancelling Headsets, Remote Speaker Microphones ( RSM),Walkie Talkie Batteries, Bluetooth Earpieces and Adaptors, UHF CB and Commercial Radios, Remote Data Equipment and Vehicle Tracking products.

Radio Industries Australia is an authorised Distributor and Dealer for FreedomPTT, Motorola Mototrbo, Vertex, Kenwood, Hytera /HYT, Delta Radio, Icom, Uniden, Oricom, Sensear, Peltor, Bravo, Simoco, Tait and Sepura,  We sell DMR, Tetra, dPMR, PTT, POC, LTE, P25, Analogue / Digital NexGen, Trunking, Trbonet, Smart Despatch and Sentor Monitoring and Control Systems.

Through our commitment to excellent customer service for over 30 years , experience, expertise, great customer support, and prices that you will find hard to beat, Radio Industries has established a business relationship with our Customers and Dealers that will last a lifetime!

We provide and support:

  • Digital / Analogue Two-Way Radios
  • UHF and VHF Walkie Talkies
  • Long Range PTT / POC Cellular 2 Way Radios
  • 2 Way Radio Accessories
  • Remote Data Equipment (Monitoring and Control Systems)
  • Personnel and Vehicle Tracking products
  • Radio and Telemetry Data Modems
  • Radio Service and Repairs for 2 Way Radios
  • UHF, Marine and Long Range HF Radios  
  • Two Way Radio Hire & Rentals
  • Motorola
  • Kenwood
  • Hytera
  • GME
  • Delta
  • Simoco
  • Peltor
  • Sensear
  • Sentor
  • Uniden
  • Oricom
  • Crystal
  • Philips
  • Sepura