Radio Industries observes all manufactures warranties. For example, manufactures warranties on radios can vary from 12 months to 3 years, etc. Radio Industries reserves the right to send a piece of equipment that is claimed for warranty directly back to the manufacturer and at that point it is at the behest of said manufacturer to whether it is a valid warranty claim. 

As to warranties on accessories, for example, earpieces, and such, have a valid warranty period of 14 days from the shipping date. We have a return policy of 7 days if it is an incorrect item or not fit for purpose. The returned items must be in original and unused condition. 

Speaker microphones usually have a 12 month manufacturers warranty, but is not applicable in all cases.

All other accessories, such as belt clips, antennas, battries, and associated cables, are not subject to warranty claims.

Where required, Radio Industries follows Australian Consumer Laws on warranties and returns.