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Radio Antennas

RIA-433H 433Mhz Helical Stubby UHF Antenna
$22.00 (Including GST)
RIA-433W 433Mhz 1/4 Wave Whip
$22.00 (Including GST)
U477 - ANTENNA FLEXIBLE UNITY GAIN 14cm - for Two Way Radio
$13.00 (Including GST)
UHF High Gain Antenna Upgrade Suits Portable Radios With BNC Connector
$20.00 (Including GST)
Kenwood KRA-27 Whip Antenna Save 2%
$50.00 $49.00 (Including GST)
Kenwood KRA-23 Stubby Replacement Antenna UHF (M2) Save 3%
$40.00 $39.00 (Including GST)
Motorola GP328 UHF Whip Antenna
$28.00 (Including GST)
Delta AS3 series UHF 450-520 Mhz Antenna
$21.00 (Including GST)
Delta DS4 series UHF 450-520 Mhz Antenna
$21.00 (Including GST)
Motorola Stubby Antenna to suit DP series radios
$25.85 (Including GST)
Motorola PMAE4079 UHF Whip Antenna for DP series radios
$25.85 (Including GST)
Hytera Antenna to suit PD4, PD5, PD7, and PD9 series radios
$31.00 (Including GST)
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