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Other Accessories

Other Radio Accessories
$80.80 (Including GST)
$62.00 (Including GST)
ICOM OPC-346 Cord DC 3m
$44.50 (Including GST)
ICOM OPC-1939 15 Pin ACC Cable
$134.10 (Including GST)
ICOM OPC-2004LA Plug Adaptor Cable VOX Operation
$28.05 (Including GST)
ICOM VS4LA PTT Switch Cable
$94.00 (Including GST)
ICOM HS95LWP Behind the Head Headset
$313.05 (Including GST)
ICOM HS94LWP Earhook type
$53.00 (Including GST)
ICOM OPC-656 Power Supply Cable
$19.80 (Including GST)
ICOM BC157S AC Adaptor
$215.00 (Including GST)
ICOM MB130 In Vehicle charging bracket
$67.50 (Including GST)
ICOM CP23L Cigarette Lighter Cable
$44.50 (Including GST)
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