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$129.00 $115.50
Hytera Digital PD 702/782 GENUINE Li-Ion Battery 2000mAh (BL2001)

$115.00 $108.00
HYT TC700 GENUINE Li-Ion Battery 1700mAh

$152.00 $135.30
Hytera BL2102 Li-Ion Two Way Radio Battery - 2100 mAh HYT TC700 GENUINE Li-Ion Battery 2100mAh

GENUINE Ni-Mh Battery 1800 mAh

$29.99 $27.00
AU/NZ Standard Switchmode Power Pack GENUINE

This radio has been replaed by the Kenwood TK-2317/TK-3317 models.  It is still supported and accessories are availalbe.  

Hytera HYT 6 Bay Multi-Unit Rapid Rate Charger for Li-Ion/Ni-Mh Batteries Suit HYT TC700 Two Way Radios

RIA-433H 433Mhz Helical Stubby UHF Antenna

Delta whip antenna UHF 450-520Mhz suitable for Pro-16, Pro-200k, and Pro-200B radios.  Also compatable with similar UHF radios call for assistance or chat...

RIA-151H-GI 151Mhz Ground Independent VHF Helical Antenna

RIA-433Y Yagi 400 Series The Yagi 400 Series Antenna are available in either marine grade 6000 Aluminum or grade 316 Stainless Steel and provide a...

Frequency: 2.4GHz Polarity: Omnidirectional Gain: Unity VSWR: 1.5 : 1 Cable: 5m RG174 Connector: To be specified Robust waterproof body...
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