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Delta radios are a Type Approved Radio for Australian Commercial and UHF CB usage in all states of Australia. All Delta radios have a bandwidth between 450 to 520 Mhz and can come with either 16 or 200 channels available.
These radios can be programmed with full Commercial Channels PLUS either 16 or 80 Channels of Australian UHF –CB Frequencies which do not require a frequency licence from the ACMA.

All Delta radios are water and dust resistant from IP55 to IP67 Waterproof Submersible depending upon Model

Delta Battery for Pro-16 1700 mAh Save 20%
$99.00 $79.00 (Including GST)
Delta AS3 series UHF 450-520 Mhz Antenna
$21.00 (Including GST)
Delta DS4 series UHF 450-520 Mhz Antenna
$21.00 (Including GST)
Delta AS300 Two Way Radio Waterproof Twin Pack UHF Save 2%
$650.00 $639.00 (Including GST)
$395.00 (Including GST)
Delta AS310 Twin Pack UHF 128 Channel Waterproof Analogue Two Way Radio Save 4%
$700.00 $670.00 (Including GST)
$79.00 (Including GST)
RIA-433W 433Mhz 1/4 Wave Whip
$22.00 (Including GST)
RIA-433H 433Mhz Helical Stubby UHF Antenna
$22.00 (Including GST)
Delta Bluetooth Earpiece (for Two Way Radio)
Delta Pro Radio Single Desktop Battery Charger - For Two Way Radio
$69.00 (Including GST)
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