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More and more customers understand the benefits of using Icom products. Reliability, quality and performance are the hallmarks of Icom, and this has helped to build a strong brand which customers respect and appreciate.

Icom is today recognised as a reliable two-way radio brand name around the world. Our land mobile radios are used by many professional organisations all over the world, like the United States Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corp. who chose Icom as the first Japanese company to supply radios to them.

$80.80 (Including GST)
ICOM HM152T DTMF Microphone
$128.40 (Including GST)
ICOM HM211 Noise Cancelling Microphone
$156.00 (Including GST)
ICOM SP35 External Speaker
$69.15 (Including GST)
ICOM OPC-346 Cord DC 3m
$44.50 (Including GST)
ICOM PSU-1210 Switch Mode Power Supply Unit
$325.50 (Including GST)
ICOM HS94LWP Earhook type
$53.00 (Including GST)
ICOM HM168LWP Waterproof (IP67) Speaker Microphone
$167.00 (Including GST)
ICOM CP23L Cigarette Lighter Cable
$44.50 (Including GST)
ICOM MB133 Aligator type Belt Clip
$22.25 (Including GST)
ICOM NC2000 Nylon Case with Clip
$62.00 (Including GST)
ICOM BP278 Li-Ion 7.2V/1130mAh Battery
$83.00 (Including GST)
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