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Motorola is known for delivering real-time information in moments that matter, Motorola's diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offers solutions that enable you to dramatically enhance your Area of Operations and more effectively coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce. 

Motorola LCC-134LD Leather Case Belt Loop
Motorola LCC-134LI Leather Case Swivel Belt Clip
MOTOROLA PMLN5838 Hard Leather Carry Case
$105.00 (Including GST)
Motorola PMLN5844 Nylon Carry Case
$60.00 (Including GST)
$26.00 (Including GST)
Motorola VAC-6058 6 way Multi Unit Desktop Charger UNI
Motorola PMPN4018 Single Unit Charger For CLP Series Radios
$66.00 (Including GST)
Motorola PMLN7269 2 Wire Surveillance Kit For Two Way Radio
$82.00 (Including GST)
Motorola MH102A4B 2-Wire Surveillance Kit
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