Bluetooth PTT for Two Way Radio

Bluetooth type PTT for connecting Bluetooth dongle with two way radios. 

Type: Bluetooth PTT 

Operating Temp.: -20℃±2℃ ~ 50℃±2℃ 

Approx. Weight: 30g 


  • Fully Qualified Bluetooth v2.1+EDR Chip set 
  • Chip Audio Line Input : 350mV rms (max.) 
  • Audio Output : 20 mV rms 
  • Transmitted Power : GFSK:5.37dBm 

Output Power : 8DPSK:4.55dBm 

  • Receiver Sensitivity : -82 dBm (typ.) 
  • PTT function built-in 
  • Power class 2,10 meters 
  • Display : Two Color LED 
  • Support : SPP Profile 
  • DC Input : 5 Vdc (std.) 
  • DC Current : 13.35 mA (avg.) 
  • DC Current : 20 mA (transient) 

Battery : 330mAh 

Use Time : 24 Hours (MAX) 

(Built in Battery, need to charge battery)


----------------- CONNECTING THE BLUETOOTH DONGLE TO THE RADIO --------------

STEP ONE: Connecting to Two-Way Radio

To connect your Bluetooth dongle to a two-way radio, follow these steps:

  •  Always turn off your two-way radio before connecting the Bluetooth dongle
  • Plug the Bluetooth Dongle BT-Dongle into the speaker-microphone / audio accessory jack of your two-way radio.
  • On some models of two-way radio, you may need to tighten a retaining screw to ensure that the Bluetooth dongle remains attached to the radio
  • Turn on your two-way radio and verify that the radio transmits and receives with the dongle attached.
  • The Talk button on the Bluetooth dongle will not function as a Push-to-Talk button for your two-way radio until a wireless audio accessory is successfully paired to the dongle. 

STEP TWO: Pairing with an Audio Accessory

  • Turn off the Bluetooth dongle. Wait at least three seconds.
  • Turn the Bluetooth dongle on while holding down the Talk button on the Bluetooth dongle.
  • Continue to hold the Talk button down for approximately three seconds. Release the Talk button when the status LED begins to flash two times per second.
  • The Bluetooth dongle is now in audio accessory pairing mode. Activate the pairing mode on your compatible wireless audio accessory.
  • Once the wireless audio accessory and Bluetooth dongle are paired with each other, the status LED on the dongle will show a constant blue light for three seconds.
  • If the Bluetooth dongle does not detect a compatible wireless accessory within 60 seconds of being put into pairing mode, the dongle will exit the pairing mode and resume normal operation.
  • Once successfully paired, you will be able to operate your two-way radio using your compatible wireless accessory.

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