Delta PRO-16 UHF Two Way Portable Radios Security Pack 6x

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Delta PRO-16 Two Way UHF Radio Value Pack

The Delta PRO-16 6 Pack is Australias favourite value pack. Quality and Value for money has combined together to create the perfect communications for an entry level communications system at an affordable price.

The Delta PRO-16 includes 16 channels of your selection of UHF CB channels or dealer proggrammable for commercial frequencies.

The professionals choice, this radio utilises the latest technology in spectrum bandwidth, 450-520mhz continuous frequency spread. No need to have different model radios for different frequencies, this one is programmable for 100% commercial use and is fully NATA type approved for use in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Half the size of your regular commercial hand held radio’s, the Delta Radio PRO-16 comes complete with 16 channels, desktop charger, belt clip and 1700mAh Lithium battery pack, and even optional digital FM Radio.

The Delta Radio PRO-16 can be programmed FREE just for you with a seletion of FREE UHF Channels.                                                                                                               

The Security Pack Includes:

6 x Delta Radio PRO-16 Portable UHF Radios
6 x D Hook or G Hook Style Earpieces
6 x Antennas
6 x 1700mAh Li-Ion Batteries
6 x Single Unit Battery Charger
6 x Belt Clip
6 x Wrist Straps


 Main Features:

Inspection, Monitor, Stun, Kill and emergency alarm
Freq: 450-520mhz Continuous Frequency Spread
Calling Ring and Ring Overtime Auto Answer
Multi SIlent Mode (QT/QTADT/QTXDT)
DTMF Encoding and DTMF Decoding
Power: 5W/1W UHF High/Low Setting
1 Year Replacement Warranty
IP55 Water and Dust Resistant
8 Groups Scrambler (optional)
Dimensions: 103 x 62 x 39 mm
Multi Scan Mode (TO/CO/SE)
Channel Steps (12.5K/25K)
Digital FM Radio (option)
VOX (Level Adjustable)
Busy Channel Lockout
Priority Scan (option)
Free Programming
Distant Alarm
16 Channels


G-Hook Earpiece to suit Hytera Two Way Radio (Free Shipping)
$59.00 (Including GST)
RIA-433H 433Mhz Helical Stubby UHF Antenna
$22.00 (Including GST)
RIA-433W 433Mhz 1/4 Wave Whip
$22.00 (Including GST)
Delta Pro Series 6 bay battery charger - For Two Way Radio
$495.00 (Including GST)
Delta Pro Radio Single Desktop Battery Charger - For Two Way Radio
$69.00 (Including GST)
$49.95 (Including GST)
$69.95 (Including GST)
Delta Battery for Pro-16 1700 mAh Save 20%
$99.00 $79.00 (Including GST)
Save 20%
$495.00 $395.00 (Including GST)
$59.00 (Including GST)
$149.00 (Including GST)
Save 25%
$65.00 $49.00 (Including GST)
Waterproof Radio Case
$34.00 (Including GST)

Product Features

No Display
Frequency Band:
  • UHF
IP rating:
IP55 - Dust and Water Resistant