DELTA DS-420 Waterproof UHF Digital Portable Two Way Radio 6 Pack

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Delta DS-420 Digital Waterproof UHF Radio 6 Pack

INCLUDES: 6x Radios, 6x Antennas, 6x Batteries, 6x Belt Clips, 6x Single Unit Chargers

Join the Digital Revolution with the Delta 4 Series...

The DS-420 radio is the new flagship in digital DMR radios. This Delta Two Way Radio is IP67 submersible waterproof which means you can submerse the radio under water for up to 1m for 30mins, and it will not harm the radio. The DS-420 radio is built tough and designed to last, suitable for any industry the DS-420 is setting the new standard for DMR radios. 

The Delta DS 400 series radios share DMR ETSI standards and build quality to the MOTOTRBO digital radios and are compatible with Motorola MOTOTRBO DMR Standard radios and audio accesorries.

Digital and Analog Portable Two-Way Radio with IP67 (Waterproof Submersible up to 1 metre and Dust Proof) rating. 

Radio Features:

UHF: 450 - 512MHz
1000 Channels
2000mAh Li-ion Battery
113.5 x 54 x 33.5mm
IP67 Submersible Waterproof
Digital / Analog modes
DMR Standard
Full Keypad
Text / Call / Group Call
3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

6 Pack Includes:

6 x Delta DS420 Digital Portable Two-Way Radios
6 x Single Unit Battery Chargers
6 x Batteries
6 x Belt Clips
6 x Antennas
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G-Hook Earpiece to suit Hytera Two Way Radio (Free Shipping)
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Delta DS4 series UHF 450-520 Mhz Antenna
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Waterproof Radio Case
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Product Features

Inbuilt Display
Frequency Band:
  • UHF
IP rating:
IP67 - Dust/Waterproof