Peltor Adapter FL5000 In-Line Push-To-Talk adaptor - For Two Way Radio

Specifications for Peltor Adapter FL5000:

  -  In-Line Push-To-Talk adaptor FL5017:

Package length (in.): 8.50

Package width (in.): 6.50

Package height (in.): 2.50

Package weight (lbs.): 0.66

  -  Features Peltor Adapter FL5000: In-Line Push-To-Talk adaptor FL5017:

  -  Motorola single pin, 3.5mm stereo threaded shaft connector

  -  WaterproofMates with MT series headsets360 degree rotating belt clip assembly

  -  Easy to activate palm button design


Package Content:Adapter FL5000 In-Line Push-To-Talk adaptor (377k)  

Aearo Peltor’s MT series 2-way communication headsets

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Adaptors are available to suit most Radios.

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