Freecom Two Way Radio - "Hands Free and License Free"

The Freecom features simple operation that allows up to 99 users to listen on a group chat at a time and up to 5 of those users simultaneously speak in full-duplex

The Freecom is the very latest Radio Technology, FULL DUPLEX (Just Like a SMART PHONE or Two Way Radio but with HANDS FREE and NO PRESS TO TALK) , featuring simple operation that allows up to 99 users to listen on a group chat at the same time and up to 5 of those users can simultaneously speak in full-duplex. Push the button on the front of the radio to start transmitting to join the chat and then push it again to go back to listen mode. You can stay in the chat full time all day if you like. IT'S THAT EASY - Perfect for those people that are in Group Sessions, Trainers for horse riding, cycling in groups, Tree loppers, and any activity that requires hand fee operation. JUST BRILLIANT with upto about 1K* distance line of sight and NO LICENSE REQUIRED. HANDS FEE and LICENCE FREE that is why they are called FREECOM.

Main Features:

Team mode: 5 people conference talk in full duplex with unlimited listen only people
Group mode: 5 people conference talk and 94 others listen with the ability to swap in real-time
Crystal clear sound quality with surround noise cancellation
Longer than enough 10 hour battery life
Outdoor purpose water resistant
Micro-USB charging, compatible with most phone chargers

Main Specifications

Frequency:                 900 Mhz

Size:                             98 x 49 x 17 mm

Channels:                    40 channels

Battery:                      1000mAh Li-ion Battery

Power:                        10mW

Full Duplex operation

Standard package includes:  Freecom, USB Cable, carry case, belt pouch, headset with boom, lanyard, manual


Product Features

Inbuilt Display