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Sensear SM Helmet series helmet adaptor - MSA V-guard   This helmet adapter is used to attach the Smart Muff Helmet Mount to a hard hat. It...
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David Clark Headset cable to suit Kenwood 2-pin

ICOM Airband Fixed Lead Behind-the-Neck Headset

David Clark Modular heavy duty hearing protection behind-the-neck headset.

David Clark Modular heavy duty hearing protection over-the-head headset.

$575.50 $499.00
Peltor Hearing protection with Bluetooth MultiPoint Technology and FM Radio.

- Built in two-way radio communication  - 69 Channels (LPD 433 MHz) - 121 subchannels - Level dependent function for ambient listening -...

$750.00 $737.00
Bluetooth Wireless Two-Way Radio Headset Available in Headband, Behind The Neck & Helmet Mount styles.

$750.00 $737.00
Sensear’s industry-changing SENS technology simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression to deliver a total high...

$635.00 $616.00
The SM1R Series is built specifically to enhance two-way radio communication in high-noise environments.  The headset is unique from the rest of...
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