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Peltor Headsets

Peltor Headsets

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All-in-one radio and hearing protection solution that transmits on standard UHF 450-520 Mhz

$575.50 $499.00
Peltor Hearing protection with Bluetooth MultiPoint Technology and FM Radio.

- Built in two-way radio communication  - 69 Channels (LPD 433 MHz) - 121 subchannels - Level dependent function for ambient listening -...

Dual shell minimizes resonance to give you maximum high-frequency attenuation. Dual shell design minimizes resonance for maximum high-frequence...

* The Aviation 8103 helicopter headset has an ambient-noise compensated dynamic differential microphone, specially designed for aviation intercom systems...

Peltor™ High Attenuation Headset Direct Radio Lead High attenuation direct lead headset. Available with microphone with effective noise compensation...

* Improves communication and safety * Level dependent function in stereo that lets you hear ambient sound: conversation, machine sounds and warning...

FM/AM radio in a Peltor headset

Peltor Kids Earmuffs Childrens Ear Defenders Specially designed for young children whose hearing is extremely sensitive, having little defence...

• M1 Mining approved accordance to Ex I M1 Ex Ia IMa and Gas Ex II 2G Ex Ia IIC T4 Ga • Ex-approved batteries included • Fail safe functions which...

* Wireless connection to phones using Bluetooth™ technology * The headset and telephone can be up to 10 metres apart and out of visible range without...

* EEX-approved headsets according to ATEX class EEX ib IIC T4 * High-attenuating shells with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears...
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