Hytera HYT PD792Ex (M4) UHF Digital Two Way Radio

Hytera HYT PD792Ex UHF Intrinsically safe Digital Portable Two Way Radio which is environmentally safe and has high reliability.

Hytera HYT PD792Ex UHF Digital Portable Two Way Radio

Intrinsically Safe Digital Portable Radio

Environmentally Safe and High Reliability

Hytera PD79X Ex is designed upon the strict requirements of European ATEX and North American FM Standards. With certifications for ATEX, IECEX, the latest FM and CSA specifications.

Hytera applies patent on electrostatic free design and dual material molding technology in this intrinsically Safe portable.

Silicone encapsulant technology prevents the internal circuits from interface with air and liquid which effectivley stops the intrusion of liquid, dust and harmful gas.

Patented Battery Latch.To disengage the battery from Hytera digital Portables, the lock and bolt of the latch need to be moved along two different axes.


Main Features:

  • Improved PCB Circuit Layout & EMC Shielding
  • Innovative Silicone Encapsulating
  • Innovative Electrostatic Free Design
  • IP67 (non-explosion-proof)
  • Patented Battery Latch

Package Includes:

  • Li-ion Battery (1800mAh)
  • MCU Dual-pocket Charger
  • Switching Power Adapter
  • Standard UHF or VHF Antenna
  • Leather Strap
  • User Manual

Product Features

Inbuilt Display
Frequency Band:
  • UHF
  • VHF
IP rating:
IP67 - Dust/Waterproof
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