Hytera PD712 IS Two Way Radio

Hytera PD712 IS - Intrinsically-safe digital two-way radio, offering safe, reliable communications

Hytera PD712 IS - Intrinsically-safe digital two-way radio

Intrinsic saftey (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy, electrical and thermail, available for ignition. "ia" is the strictest explosion proof standard of intrinsic safety it allows the PD712 IS to work in every kind of hazardous and harsh places wich contain various long-standing explosive mixed gases and dusts safely.

The Hytera PD712IS handheld digital radio has been designed to comply with the highest 'ia' standards making this the ideal communication solution for working environments that require intrinsically-safe devices.



Product Features

IP rating:
IP67 - Dust/Waterproof

Hytera PD712 IS Brochure (en_DMR_PD712IS_brochure.pdf, 6,553 Kb) [Download]