Vertex VX-4600 - Mobile Two Way Radio - DISCONTINUED

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Extended Signalling and Security Capabilities

The VX-4600 series provides a full range of signalling capabilities including 2-tone, 5-tone and MDC 1200® encode/decode for selective calling. With the built-in voice inversion encryption, private communication is enhanced, ensuring messages could only be heard by those intended.

Enhanced Audio Performance

Channel Announcement function works to simplify your chore of switching from the current channel to other channels while task on hand.< Equipped with Voice Activation (VOX) to enable users to transmit voice without pressing the hands-free operation for convenience. Suitable for noisy environment, where the Clear Voice function can be activated to ensure your message is heard. Suitable for quiet environment, where the Whisper capability function can be activated to augment audio transmit, perfect for much needed discreet communications. Equipped with the DVS-8 Voice Storage unit, which enables you to record and store up to 120 seconds of important messages. Monitoring Worker Safety The VX-4600 series, as with all the Vertex Standard radios, has three key features to ensure the safety of the user. Built-in Emergency Alert Equipped with the built-in Emergency notification function, which will switch to a designated channel, send an emergency unit ID and transmit with a live microphone, an added benefit when working alone. Lone Worker Alert Operators can activate this function when leaving equipment or a vehicle temporarily. If a problem arises while away, the radio switches to Emergency mode to alert help. Vertex Standard’s exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System - ARTS™ A function that keeps the user within communication range with other ARTS™- equipped radios, so constant contact is at its optimal. Manageable System for Large Group Communications The VX-4600 series with 512-channel capacity and 32 groups for easy operations at the most complex job. Remote mount option If there is limited space, this radio has the added benefit of a remote mounted faceplate. Mount the faceplate in the dashboard and the main radio elsewhere; concealed under a seat or behind the driver in the cab of a truck, with no impact to your communications. The optional remote mount kit comes complete with a five metre ribbon cable with waterproof connectors.


Frequency Range VHF - 134-174 MHz
UHF 1 - 400-470 MHz
UHF-2 - 450-520 MHz
Modulation Analogue
Output Power 5W (CB), 25W (Commercial)
Channels 512 Channels - 32 Groups
Size 165 x 45 x 155mm
Weight 1.25 kg
IP Rating None
Options 4 Button Key Pad
Warranty 2 years
  • Radio
  • Bracket
  • Mounting Screws (x2)
  • DC Power Cable
  • Standard Microphone

Product Features

Inbuilt Display
Frequency Band:
  • UHF CB
  • UHF
  • VHF