Peltor Aviation 8003 - For Two Way Radio

  -  The Aviation 8003 headset for winged aircraft has an ambient-noise compensated dynamic differential microphone, specially designed for aviation intercom systems.

  -  The microphone amplifier can be adjusted for output signals in the range of 300-600 mV

  -  The frequency range is adjusted for good speech recognition

  -  The earphones have a broad frequency range for good sound reproduction

  -  Peltor’s two-point suspension of the shells on a broad headband ensures total comfort and consistent noise attenuation

  -  The straight polyurethane cable with moulded connectors has a stereo/mono switch in the branching box

  -  The earphones have a 1/4" stereo connector and the microphone has a PJ068 connector.


Attachment(s):  F
Audio Input:   
Colour(s):  White
PTT on cup:  -
Connector:  -
Battery lifetime(h):  -