Freecom Multi-User "Hands Free" Radio - License Free

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The Freecom features simple operation that allows up to 99 users to listen on a group chat at a time and up to 5 of those users simultaneously speak in full-duplex. Push the button the radio to start transmitting and push it again to go back to listen mode.

Main Features:

  • Team mode: 5 people conference talk in full duplex with unlimited listen only people
  • Group mode: 5 people conference talk and 94 others listen with the ability to swap in real-time
  • Crystal clear sound quality with surround noise cancellation
  • Longer than enough 10 hour battery life
  • Outdoor purpose water resistant
  • Micro-USB charging, compatible with most phone chargers

Main Specifications

Frequency:                 900 Mhz

Size:                             98 x 49 x 17 mm

Channels:                    40 channels

Battery:                      1000mAh Li-ion Battery

Power:                        10mW

Full Duplex operation

Standard package includes:  Freecom, USB Cable, carry case, belt pouch, headset with boom, lanyard, manual