Peltor ComTac XPI Headset - Two Way Radio

All commercial radios require custom programming to be operated.
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The Peltor ComTac XPI is designed to help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise, improve situational awareness and at the same time enable two-way radio communication in noisy environments. This product is compatiable with other military gear like helmets, protective vests, etc.

Key Features:

- Hearing Protection

- Detachable microphone

- Level Dependent function for ambient listening

- Plug & Play, no start up time

- Foldable headband for easy storage & transport

- Configuration menu with voice guide

Functions: release time, balance, external mute mode, EQ mode

- Earplug mode (maintains situational awareness when used in combination with earplugs)

- SNR 39dB when combined with earplugs

- Automatic power off after two hours if no function is used

- No software loads or outside power required, complete self-contained headset with power fail safe

- Tested according to military standards


Technical Specifications :

Power: Battery Type: 2 x AAA 1.2-1.5V batteries

Operating time: ~200h (battery & temperature dependent)

Net weight: 335g Including batteries

Operating Temperature: -40C to +55C  (battery Dependent)

Storage Temperature: -50C to +70C