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Delta Analogue Portables

$2,970.00 $2,673.00
Delta AS310 Aussie Waterproof Six Pack
INCLUDES: 6x Radios, 6x Batteries, 6x Single Unit Chargers, 6x Antennas

$465.00 $399.00
Delta Commercial UHF Portable Two Way Radio with Long Life Rechargeable Battery, 128 Channel Capacity, Type Approved for Australia, Belt Clip, Antenna and 2 Years Warranty. Fully commercial and UHF CB certified. Includes standard 80 channel UHF CB programming.

$1,596.00 $1,436.40

Delta AS300 Waterproof UHF Radio 4 Pack
Includes: 4x Radios, 4x Batteries, 4x Antennas, 4x Single Unit Chargers & 4x Audio Accessories (optional)


$2,394.00 $2,154.00

Delta AS300 Waterproof Radio 6 Pack.


6x Radios, 6x Antennas, 6x Batteries, 6x Belt Clips, 6x Single Unit Chargers


$499.00 $399.00
Delta AS-300 UHF, 5 watt, IP67 Waterproof, Portable Two-Way Radio.

$385.00 $297.00
Delta PRO-16 UHF Portable, Programmable Analogue Two Way Radio

  Delta Radio PRO-200K UHF  Portable TWIN VALUE PACK The Delta Radio PRO-200K Can be used as a UHF Commercial Two-Way Radio for any industry. The...

$599.00 $199.00
Special Price only $199 Delta Radio PRO-200K Portable UHF Two Way Radio The Delta Radio PRO-200K is a Commercial Two-Way Radio for any...