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ICOM Marine Radios

The MA-500TR is a Fully capable Class B AIS transponder for pleasure craft and fishing boats.

Icom’s MXA-5000 AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver will pick up real-time transmissions from vessels that use an AIS transponder. Such transponders are now required for SOLAS vessels by SOLAS regulations.

The GM600 is a GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) VHF radiotelephone which can be used as a part of GMDSS system equipment required by SOLAS or many domestic maritime regulations.

ICOM IC-M400BB is A No-Compromise, Space-Saving Marine VHF Radio

ICOM IC-M801E - MF/HF SSB radio telephone with Class E DSC operation

The ICOM IC-M506 EURO is an advanced Fixed Mount VHF with AIS and NMEA 2000 Connectivity.

The ICOM IC-M423G VHF Marine Transceiver, includes Active Noise Cancelling Technology and Built-in GPS for Simple Installation.

In marine environments there are many sources of noise that can affect the quality of your communication, such as engine noise, roar of waves and more.

The ICOM IC-GM1600E Marine Radio, meets the strict environmental requirements for survival craft radio.

The IC-M200 Marine Radio is a Top Performaning, with Reliability, and also Quality and Great Value

ICOM IC-M323G VHF Marine Radio provides dual/ tri-Channel communications essential for sailing, while also combining built-in GPSDSC and an intuitive user interface in the one unit. The built-in gps Receivershows your position, date/time and can be used for DSC calls. The gps data source is selectable from internal and external GPS.

The M23 is a light and small floating 5W Handheld Marine Radio that emits a red flashing light when in water, even if turned off.
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