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Kenwood land mobile portables, mobiles and custom systems are acknowledged to be a top choice in the world market, particularly by first responders, and are a trusted supplier to business and industry. Kenwood has taken a leading role in developing market-driven products and continues to operate as one of the largest manufacturers of communications equipment in the world. It is a central Kenwood belief to listen to the market and develop exacting products that address customers' needs at the highest possible value.

Features: • Digital / FM Conventional • Repeater & Duplex / Simplex Base Operation • 50W (VHF) / 40W (UHF) @ 50 % Duty • 25 W @...




This radio has been replaed by the NXR-5700/5800 model.  It is still supported and accessories are availalbe.  

Features: • DMR Digital Air Interface • 6 Lighted Programmable Function Key • Mixed FM / Digital Operation • 16 QT / DQT Repeater...

This radio has been replaced by the Kenwood TK-2317/TK-3317 models.  It is still supported and accessories are availalbe.   


Full Featured but thin and Compact Portable Radio

Packed with features but still thin and compact for all portable radio needs. Easy operation and backlit LCD with 9 programmable keys to be customized to your needs. Tough design with IP54 rating. Clear and crisp Kenwook Audio.


$38.00 $36.00
Kenwood KRA-23 Stubby Replacement Antenna UHF (M2)

High Quality G-Hook / Hanger Earpiece   -  Soft silicone rubber hook with earbud insert for extreme comfort.   -  Quality made and durable....


This Kenwood NX-3200 / NX-3300 transceiver supports analogue FM, DMR Digital and NXDN Digital modes. The NX-3200 only works on VHF, and the NX-3300 only works on UHF. Both radios are IP54, IP55 and IP67 rated. NX-3200 / NX-3300 radios with screens support 512 channels, whereas the models without screen only support 64 channels. The NX-3300 is Type Certified for use on CB channels.



A Powerful Business Radio in the Palm of Your Hand.

It’s simple to use and you can plug KENWOOD headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack for hands-free operation. A micro USB socket offers charging convenience. The PKT-23 is built tough for business and leisure. And since this radio is classed in 80 Australian UHF CB frequencies, no licence is required.


Ergonomic and Tough Portable Digital Transceiver.

A radio for all situations. Suitable for all environments and workplaces with a IP54 rating. Handles Digital and Analog communications. Long battery life with both Lithium-ion and i-MH rechargeable batteries available. Clear Kenwood audio for easy hearing even in noisy situations.


Launched with the TK-D240/D340, this completes Kenwood's impressive DMR system line-up. They can be relied on through thick and thin thanks to compliance with IP54 environmental standards. As well as handling both analog and digital communications.

This mobile radio supports digital and FM analog operation, allowing it to serve in a wide range of applications. Designed with flexibility in mind, it's packed with features like Bluetooth for hands free, and built in GPS.
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