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Sensear is a leading global high noise communication company applying innovative, award-winning hearing technology to solve high noise communication problems for many of the worlds leading industrial companies.
Sensear’s range of earmuffs and earplugs represent a shift in the way people communicate in high noise environments as it revolutionises workplace hearing loss prevention in industrial, military, commercial, hospitality, entertainment and other high noise environments.
The smartPlug features an in-ear microphone allowing users to clearly pick up speech and transmit through existing communication systems by cable or Bluetooth connections.


$20.00 $17.50
Sensear SM Helmet series helmet adaptor - MSA V-guard   This helmet adapter is used to attach the Smart Muff Helmet Mount to a hard hat. It fits...

$32.00 $27.50
Sensear Replacement Helmet Mount Kit Replacement helmet mount Helmet has a crack in it? Replace it quickly and easily!

$170.00 $165.00
Sensear Boom Microphone - SM1 Series (Noise Canceling) Boom Microphone - SM1 series Noise Canceling   Replacement boom microphone...

$20.00 $16.50
Sensear’s industry-changing SENS™ technology simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression to deliver a total high noise...

$32.00 $27.50
Sensear Replacement Standard Head Band Replacement Standard Head Band Head band get stepped on or  broken? Replace it quickly and easily!

$750.00 $737.00
Bluetooth Wireless Two-Way Radio Headset Available in Headband, Behind The Neck & Helmet Mount styles.