Simoco SDM600 DMR Mobile Radio 25 Watt DC Powered (10–16V) Transceiver Only

All commercial radios require custom programming to be operated.
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The SDM630 advanced control head provides for extended applications and messaging at the user’s fingertips. Designed to push instant messaging, dispatch, telemetry and control applications out to the mobile user, this radio expands their abilities beyond voice communications. The full keypad enables enhanced dialling, giving access to any radio, group or further to telephone networks. Other features include full text message composition, 12 additional programmable keys with press ‘n’ hold.


  • 136-174MHz (AC Band) and 400-480MHz (TU Band)
  • 1-25W Output Power (in both bands)
  • 2000 Channels, 25 Zones
  • Rugged mobile transceiver with IP54 protection with sealable connectors

Standard package includes:

  • SDM600 Digital Mobile Transceiver


Product Features