Peltor Kids Earmuffs Childrens Ear Defenders (NEON PINK / NEON GREEN) - For Two Way Radio


Peltor Kids Earmuffs Childrens Ear Defenders

Specially designed for young children whose hearing is extremely sensitive, having little defence against harmful noise.


  • Hearing protector that's an easy to wear ear muff
  • Low profile and no protruding parts that can catch
  • The wide, foam filled ear cushions ensure that the set does not squeeze uncomfortably
  • Plenty of space for the ears inside the shells


  • The Peltor Kid is lightweight and sturdy only weighing 140 grams approx.
  • CE approved and fits children up to the age of 7
  • 26 attenuation
  • The Peltor Kid comes in two characteristic colours for high visibility and fun
    Neon Pink and Neon Green