UHF Side Mounted Dipole 400-520MHz

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A unity gain side mounted dipole which can be used as a single antenna for short range applications or, if desired, phased together to provide high gain array coverage characteristics.

Nominal Gain dBd 0 but can be incresed with mounting arrangements
Frequency MHz 400 to 520MHz
Tunable Bandwidth Full. No tuning required
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth Typically 70° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing
Horizontal Beamwidth Typically 220° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing
Power W 500
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc <-150
Construction All welded aluminium with alodined finish
Length mm 400
Weight (kg) 0.3
Termination N female with short 9142 cable tail
Mounting Area 100mm x 25mm diam. Alodined aluminium