Bluetooth PTT Dongle for ICOM Two Way Radio

All commercial radios require custom programming to be operated.
Please contact us for nessecary configuration
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Bluetooth PTT Dongle for ICOM Two Way Radio


  •  SLP5.0 Silence Low Power Mode
  •  V5.0 supported
  •  AGHSP, AGHFP, SPP Profiles Supported
  •  Fast response and Power saving mode available
  •  Embedded PTT button
  •  Bluetooth Remote BT-PTT
  •  No PTT delay time
  •  DSP noise reduction
  •  Japanese Lion-Polymer
  •  Rechargeable Battery
  •  18 Hours Talk Time
  •  40 Hours Radio Time
  •  250 Hours Standby Time

Radio Model No.

IC-3GT, IC-F11, IC-F11S, IC-F21, IC-F21BR, IC-F21GM, IC-F21S, IC-F3011, IC-F3021, IC-F31, IC-F3G, IC-F3GS, IC-F4011, IC-F4021, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F43TR, IC-F4G, IC-F4GS, IC-F4GT, IC-U82, IC-V8, IC-V82