Simoco SRM9030 Plus Mobile Two Way Radio With Keypad Mic 1000 Channels

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The SRM9000 mobile radio provides leading edge radio communications solutions for vehicles and plant assets. This radio has evolved to address the needs of diverse markets from simple voice through to advanced system applications.

The functionality and flexibility provided by our unique Xmode platform ensures it will meet your current and future needs. Obsolescence is a thing of the past with the SRM9000, as accessing advanced functionality is as simple as a software setting.



  • Large, easy readable, high contrast bright white LCD display with brightness control
  • Reinforced front cover design
  • New ruggedised microphone with option of keypad
  • Universal function key layout
  • 12 button key-pad + 6 programmable buttons and 2 dedicated call buttons
  • Enhanced keymat provides great tactile feedback
  • Electrical performance and noise immunity improvements


Full Xmode capability including 1000 PMR channels, TMR (2 x MPT Trunking Networks), P25 Trunked, P25 conventional, data, messaging, signalling, scanning and voting all in the one radio.
• Ruggedized, heavy duty construction for reliability in all vehicle types.
• Multiple choice of control console or control microphones depending on user requirements.
• Cost effective choices for entry level options that can be expanded or added in future to meet evolving business needs.
• Programmable function buttons and parameters to allow customers to tailor the radio for their requirement.
• Voice scrambler option for analogue models.
• Safety and emergency functions such as Lone Worker, Stun, GPS and Emergency.
• Compatible with SAMS Automatic Vehicle Location suite.

Radio Package Price includes:
- SRM9000 Dual Mode Transceiver
- DC Power Cable
- Fuse Fit
- SRM9030plus Keypad Microphone
- Loudspeaker + Loudspeaker Extension Lead