Sentor Monitoring & Control Systems Add-On Software


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Sentor Monitoring Systems Add-On Software

Sentor has a wide range of Addon software available for different Applications depending on your requirements. Please find below a basic overview of available Addon software.


Sentor Cloud Assistant

  • Log file monitoring software that uploads trending data to the sentor cloud and/or local database (SenBase).


Sentor Genius

  • RF and Sensor Calibration software.


Sentor Message Pro

  • Full messaging and Alarm software – Sends emails, SMS and Pager messages to the correct person for a particular alarm.



  • Allows the mangers to automate the removal or addition of access cards from each Sentor site in a network. Saves going to every site to do this task.



  • Available for those who prefer Simple Network Management Protocol.


DNP3 Protocol

  • Available for those folk in the Utilities Industry such as Water. Oil and Gas Infrastructure.


Android Operating System

  • Coming Soon. Please ask our representatives for Prices, Details and trial software.