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Portable Two Ways

$3,294.00 $2,965.00

Delta DS-400 Waterproof UHF Digital Radios 6 Pack

INCLUDES: 6x Radios, 6x Batteries, 6x Antennas, 6x Single Unit Chargers

$2,847.00 $1,999.00

The Hytera TC-610 is the Radio customized for users in rough industries, as its superior dust & water protection and performance helps to seal out dust and water.

$519.95 $489.00
Your TX6500S 80 channel radio is Australian designed and built and is the most advanced UHF Citizen Band radio available. This radio is rated IP67 water and dust proof, is built rugged with a die-cast aluminium chassis.

$2,970.00 $1,499.00
DELTA UHF AS310 Waterproof Six Pack Radios
INCLUDES: 6 x Radios, 6x Batteries, 6x Single Unit Chargers, 6x Antennas, 6x Wrist Straps

$415.14 $375.00

The IC-41PRO is a Waterproof Handheld UHF CB Two Way Radio. The Australian environment always presents a vast array of conditions for the avid adventurer. One of the most important safety tools for this is a reliable radio communications unit.


The PT3600 is the latest professional model by Kirisun designed with light but strong and durable structure.  Its high-capacity Li-Ion battery, flash IC,...

Midland G7XT ideal for use in construction sites, buildings, hotels, trade fairs, shows, farms etc along with sporting or leisure activities. Its robust frame, ease of use and simple operation makes it ideal for use in all kinds of situations with no call charges.

The Freecom features simple operation that allows up to 99 users to listen on a group chat at a time and up to 5 of those users simultaneously speak in full-duplex

The A25 series is a powerful air band handheld with 6 watts of power and an IP57 waterproof rating. The handheld includes a large 2350mAh Li-ion battery, providing a long operating time. With easy-to-use interface and a large 2.3-inch LCD display combines to provide stress-free programming and in-flight operation.

Equip your team with the world’s most scalable digital radio solution. The DP2400E offers best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to your demanding communication needs.

$1,188.00 $999.00

We have put together a mega savings bundle which is perfect for any organisation to looking at getting a top quality communications system in place.

$1,900.00 $1,599.00

Delta PRO-16 Two Way UHF Radio Value Pack

INCLUDES: 6x Radios, 6x Antennas, 6x Batteries, 6x Belt Clips, 6x Wrist Straps, 6x Chargers, 6x Earpieces

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